5 Interesting Things You Can Do with FLV

Flash videos are the most well know and welcomed contents online. You can’t deny its attractiveness to all young and old. Are you a Flash video fan? Do you know much about FLV format and Flash videos?

This article is to collect you some useful information to make you a true FLV fan.

5 Interesting Things You Can Do with FLV

1. Enjoy the Flash video (FLV) online Ever since YouTube accepted Flash video as its main content, Flash video meets its booming time online. Tens of thousands of video-sharing sites came out one after another to catch the eyes of every visitor. On what site can you enjoy nice online Flash videos (FLV)?

2. Download the Flash video (FLV) to your computer If you often surf online watching FLV videos, you will be annoyed by the buffering time at the beginning or in the process of playing while the internet speed is not so good. What can you do to solve this? It is very easy. Just download the FLV and enjoy the FLV on your own computer anytime you like.

3. Play FLV on your Computer Once you downloaded the FLV to your computer, you can play the FLV with some free FLV players, such as Moyea FLV Player. You can play the FLV in full screen, enjoy the FLV in playlist, play FLV by its URL, or capture images in the FLV video. This player enables you to play not only normal FLV files, but also F4V files.

4. Edit FLV to get your desired effect. Actually, you can do far more than merely download and play FLV videos. You can edit the FLV video to get your desired length, and effects.

5. It is kind of all-in-one tool especially designed for online FLV videos. You can download with the free YouTube FLV Downloader, simply edit with the free FLV Editor Lite Beta, and convert with this program. All of the three programs have very good connecting with each other which saves your time and labor.